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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scoop of Interior Field

First time I know in my mindset, in my country, interior field is confusing. Because, in interior job there was Interior Designer and Interior Decorator. This is grey area I think. Sometimes Interior Decorator called Interior Designer by many people.

After I thouht those two jobs, and after few years I work in Interior fields, so now I can describe the differences between Interior Decorator and Interior Designer. Of course this is just my opinion and my self conclusion.

I think, Interior Decorator just focus in " How to make interior just look better than before condition in ambiance and view, but they generally don't thinking about layout solving problem, interior element solving problem, zoning and sirculation efficiency, and open-close room. Usually, the job description scoop of Interior Decorator is smaller than Interior Designer.
For example, Wedding Plenner sometimes we can called them as Interior Decorator. They just focus to make interior look nice and better view and ambiance with attaching or arrange some element like art work, accessories, curtain loose furniture with "Existing Room Layout".